Google will charge you for using Google Maps Platform

Do you know what will change?

In June 2016, Google announced a major change to the Google Maps service (the Google maps on the websites).

To date, the service has always been free, without any limitation, however, recently Google has issued a notice stating that, as of November 29, 2018, it will invoice all use for altitudes, directions, distance, geocoding and locations according to your new pricing plan.

If the use of Google Maps Platform, by entities (sites), is within a certain limit, will continue to be free. For more information, please see Google's FAQ on this subject.

According to Google, there are some advantages to setting up a billing account!

Most institutional sites should not be affected, but will depend on the site traffic. In some cases, the map stopped responding, and there was a need for the map to be reconfigured in the site code.