Graphic design and communication design internship

Internships are an opportunity for students or recent graduates to stand out and put all their technical knowledge to the test in a business context.

The job market is highly competitive and demands more and more from professionals. Technological development, the number of professionals and the demand of consumers are just some of the factors that influence companies in the recruitment process and that require updating and continuous training.

Currently, given the high demands of the labor market, there are few higher education courses that do not include a curricular internship for its conclusion. These internships are mostly promoted and organized by Education Institutions and are part of the final evaluation of the course, having an important weight in the student's academic path.

They are, therefore, an opportunity for students or recent graduates to stand out and put to the test all the technical knowledge they have learned in recent years. They aim to complement and improve student skills in a business context, enhancing personal and professional development and enhancing their curriculum.

On the other hand, companies, in order to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of the market, look for qualified professionals with previous experience, so a curricular internship in their area of ​​training is a factor that can play in the student's favor in a process of recruitment.


Who is Duas Faces?

The Duas Faces agency, based in Porto, was created in 2008, due to a taste for board games and a passion for strategy.

We believe that the dedication of our team and the passion for what we do are what distinguishes us in the most diverse areas of activity: branding, graphic design, communication, packaging, editorial, digital and web design. We believe that each brand is unique, and that inspires us!

We have been welcoming students for curricular internships for over 8 years and we believe we are actively contributing to the professional training of students and recent graduates and their path in the job market, as well as to the future of the design and marketing area.

We are a socially responsible company that provides the opportunity for a first work experience to all our interns, thus contributing in a positive and enriching way to society. Duas Faces is committed to guiding and assisting students in their first steps as a professional, allowing them to validate all their skills and knowledge.


The Internships

Currently, Duas Faces accepts curricular internships in the following areas of activity: graphic design, communication design, multimedia and marketing.

The number of available places is conditioned by the agency's availability to guide the internship and by the physical space. Internships are normally of short duration, ranging from 1 to 3 months, with the possibility for the student and/or institution to opt for part-time or full-time. In specific cases, we receive candidates for medium and long-term internships, between 3 to 12 months.

Duas Faces has already had the opportunity to receive students from the following institutes and faculties:

Students or recent graduates can apply through their schools, faculties and/or institutes, regardless of the existence of a previously established protocol.

Anyone interested in carrying out a curricular internship can fill in the form with their application through our website, indicating the type of internship desired, the period of completion and the number of hours. Subsequently, your data will be analyzed in the order of request for internship requests.

The internships will allow students to have a professional with experience in the area to support and guide them through one of the phases of greatest adaptation in their working life.

Despite the high competitiveness in the job market, we believe that possibilities exist for those who are dedicated and build their own path.

The market needs professionals with the courage to do what not everyone does, to dedicate themselves to their work and each project as if it were the first, going beyond the obvious and thinking outside the box.


We share the testimony of one of the students who had her first contact with the labor market at our agency:

The internship at Duas Faces was crucial for me as a first entry into the world of work. At first, it was difficult to adapt, but with the help and guidance of the team, things became easier and easier. There weren't any jobs I didn't like. All were challenges that I faced with the help of the team. I learned new things every day and would like to have the opportunity to stay longer. Dois Faces will make me miss it and this experience will always stay with me.”

Lia Sá, student at ESAD 


"During the months of internship with Duas Faces, I had the opportunity to have my first Professional Experience with a team of excellence that integrated me from the first moment, showing me that working in a team makes everything easier and more rewarding. total freedom to grow and show my creativity. I take several lessons with me, both professionally and personally, and I hope that in the future we can work together again. It was a great pleasure to learn with Duas Faces!"

Joana Santos, student at UTAD


"The curricular internship at Duas Faces was an enriching experience with a brilliant team, which integrated me from day one. It was my first contact in the labor market and allowed me to acquire professional experience while applying the tools and knowledge I developed during my degree. This journey will be greatly missed and I will take with me everything I learned from Duas Faces."

Maria Silva, aluna do IPAM (Maio 2022)


"During my internship with Duas Faces, I got to know the real work world for the first time, always working with the guidance of the team. I think it was an amazing first experience, as I got to work on projects that pushed me out of my comfort zone, improving skills I didn't know I had. I would love to have this experience again, it was a pleasure working with Duas Faces! Saludos"

Elisa Diaz, erasmus from EASD Gran Canaria (June 2022)


Together, we stand up for your two faces. With pleasure!