SSL Certificate - Have you confirmed that your site is secure?

SSL Security Certificates - Secure Socket Layer or TLS

SSL Security Certificates - Secure Socket Layer or TLS - Transport Layer Security allow encrypting communications between the web server and website visitors and, by activating an SSL certificate, the website transmits a security image to visitors and reinforces the concern with data personal information or sensitive information.

Online identity theft and alerts about unsafe websites are of concern to consumers and lead to lost sales or visits. The lack of an SSL certificate can lead to loss of trust on the part of visitors, penalties on search engines (in particular Google) and loss of reputation.

What are the reasons why you need an SSL certificate?

· Gain a competitive advantage by proving to be a reliable and legitimate website;

· Offer a guarantee to your consumers that your data will not be tampered with or forged;

· Ensure that important data for your consumers is communicated
securely under strong encryption;

There are free SSL certificates and commercial SSL certificates, but there are differences, since, in addition to the free certificates being of short duration (90 days), they only partially fulfill the function of an SSL certificate, which is encryption, not performing any validation of authenticity, which is a fundamental and relevant point for any business.

As trust and identity verification are key points for any online presence, commercial certificates offer a greater reputation, including, also, a security seal, permanent support and unlimited reinstallations, which offers security to visitors and website owners alike.

You can subscribe your certificate at the company where you have the domain registered, with base values ​​of approximately 25 € per year.

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