Winepgraphy, labels design

It is the label that gives the product its identity. It is the first

Winepraphy is the specialty of design dedicated to the creation of labels for wines.

From early on, labels and other communication elements (packaging, posters, etc.) played an important role in the construction of the image of national wines, namely Port wine.

The labels, posters and advertisements of several port wine brands from the first half of the 20th century are icons of Portuguese pop culture.

It is the label that gives the product its identity. It is the first "tasting" that the consumer makes of wine. In fact, the label is often the only way for the consumer to evaluate the wine before buying it.

For this very reason, the design of the label should be the reflection of the personality and the character the respective wine, the visual experience of the taste.

On the other hand, the labels are still a source of information, as they include technical data on wine.

For this reason, the design of wine labels and wine labels is one of the most exciting challenges for designers: combining artistic creativity, visual sensations, appealing to taste with product information.

The same must be integrated with the other pieces of communication and appropriate to the strategic positioning of the wine.