Rebranding Buraquinho, Ribeira OPorto

Located at Cais da Ribeira, the Buraquinho restaurant has one of the best views of the Douro River and the emblematic Port Wine Cellars.

And it was precisely in these elements that the inspiration for Duas Faces for the Rebranding of this historic space was born.
The logo was inspired by the swell of the river that so often climbs the edge of the city to visit the restaurant space, and the round shape of the port wine barrels, both combined with the numbers that can be seen on the logo, identified on the doors of the restaurant - 50, 52 and 53.
The signature "Esplanada da Ribeira" aims to recall the privileged location of this space.

Client: Buraquinho da Ribeira
Account: Ana Monteiro
Designer: Patrícia Machado
Creative Direction: Sérgio Duarte
Ambience: 18 Home Design
Photography: Sergio Ferreira

river porto-2
vinho porto 3
logotipo 4
logotipos 5
buraquinho 6
menu 8
menu restaurante 7
base 12
buraquinho 9
ribeira restaurante 10
buraquinho 11
oporto 14
sinaletica 13
esplanada ribeira15

Visual identity

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