TiV Therapy of Vibrational Impact®

An idea. A challenge. A team. And a brand was born!

Much of our work is to drive brands, products and services that already exist.
Creating a mark out of nothingness, giving it life and making it grow, is the greatest stimulus to a creative process.
Therefore, the entire team of Duas Faces joined enthusiastically around the challenge posed by Dr. Merino Clinica Médica for the launch of TiV - Therapy of Vibrational Impact - a tool that revolutionizes the world of Physiotherapy, originally created by Dr. Eduardo Merino.
The project involved several strands: Product Design, Branding and Corporate Identity Design, Packing, Graphic Design, Copy (Content Creation) and Brand Activation.

Client: Dr. Merino Clinica Médica
Author: Dr. Eduardo Merino
Product Design: Joana Mendes Barata
Logo: Patrícia Machado
Packaging: Sérgio Duarte
Projact Manager: Sérgio Duarte
3D: Eduardo Silva
Trademark registration: Ana Monteiro
Copy: António Pinheiro
Photography: Sérgio Ferreira

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